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  • Are there any hidden costs?

    Absolutely not, we pride ourselves on being transparent about costs. Each package is a fixed monthly cost, outside of that you may wish to buy additional services, again at a clear fixed cost. The only variable cost you will incur is call charges, surcharges (for Freephone numbers) and Moneypenny Answering at 3p per second. There is a minimum call charge of 30 seconds. Only calls which exceed 5 seconds will be charged for.

    Call forwarding to mobiles – you will incur additional charges once you have used your included minutes, these additional charges will be 9p per minute.

    Call forwarding to landlines – you will incur additional charges once you have used your included minutes, these additional charges will be 2p per minute.

  • What methods of payment do you accept?

    We accept monthly debit/credit card payments.

  • How many minutes are included in each package?

    Run includes 400 minutes, Sprint includes 600 minutes and Fly includes 800 minutes. International numbers are not included in the free allocation of minutes.

  • Am I tied into a long-term contract?

    No, Pocket Phone System operates on a month-to-month subscription. We only require 30 days’ notice of your next billing date to cancel your account.

  • How much is Pocket Phone System?

    Packages start from just £20 per month.

  • How do I access my voicemails?

    • Via the email notification we’ll send you
    • In your app
    • Online

  • Can I record my own voicemail greeting?

    Yes, of course. There are two ways to do this. Via the app:

    • Go to ‘Settings’
    • Select ‘Voicemail & Notifications’
    • Choose the recipient you wish to record the voicemail for
    • Select ‘Record new greeting’ then press the orange circle to start recording
    • When you have finished recording press the orange square
    • Click ‘Save’ to add the recording to your list ready to activate in the portal
    • Name your voicemail greeting

    Via “Upload an audio file” File type: WAV. When you have prepared and recorded your voicemail simply save it to your PC as a .wav file. Using the ‘Upload an Audio file’ feature click on browse and navigate to the location on your PC of the file. When you have selected your file click ‘Upload’. Once uploaded the file will appear in your list of selectable greetings with the date of upload attached to help you select the newest greeting. You can listen to the greeting to make sure it is as needed and you can select the new greeting by clicking in the small circle.

  • How does voicemail work?

    Every Pocket Phone System recipient includes voicemail. You can record your own voicemail greeting and receive your messages by email. Pocket Phone System will send the sound recording via text the instant one is left; you can also opt to have your voicemails transcribed for you. Voicemail Transcriptions is included in Fly, or can be purchased additionally with other packages.

  • What does the app allow me to do?

    Control and manage how your calls are handled, including:

    • Route your calls to whichever recipient suits you
    • Send unanswered calls to a colleague, Moneypenny or your voicemail
    • Stay in touch with a full log of your calls & messages
    • Switch to manage your colleagues’ settings on their behalf

  • How do I manage my calls online?

    You can log onto your Pocket Phone System portal online securely 24/7 to control your settings. You can do more online than you can currently in the app, including:

    • Add new recipients
    • Activate additional features such as Moneypenny Answering
    • Amend your contact and payment details

  • How do I download the free app?

    Once you have signed up to Pocket Phone System, we will send you links to download the app. Alternatively, you can download the app via the icons below.

    Download the iPhone app

    Download the Android app

  • What happens with my calls out-of-hours?

    Your calls will go through to a specific recipient’s voicemail or if your package supports it, it can do the following:

    • Route to a specific recipient
    • Route to a specific recipient’s voicemail
    • Route through to Moneypenny

  • What is the VIP list?

    The VIP list ensures certain callers get straight through to you, such as family members, a business partner or an important client. They will bypass your greeting and go to your chosen recipient directly.

  • What is a ‘Recipient’?

    Each person and/or department in your business is technically a recipient – they’re basically a user who will answer calls. Pocket Phone System provides a number of inclusive recipients free depending on the package you select, more can be added at any time to suit you. Additional recipients cost £5 per month.

  • Can I set my calls to go straight to voicemail?

    Yes, you can. As you set up each recipient, Pocket Phone System will ask if you would like calls to route directly to that recipient’s voicemail. You can also amend this easily via the app on the home screen for each recipient.

  • I don’t have a smartphone, how do I manage my calls?

    You can still manage your calls easily online 24/7.

  • Can I add additional numbers?

    Yes. You can have as many numbers as you like routing through to your Pocket Phone System. Any numbers can be directed independently to either your Digital Receptionist or a specified recipient.

  • What is the blocked list?

    If there are certain callers you do not wish to speak to, such as unsolicited callers you can add them to your blocked list and this will ensure that their call rings out.

  • What are call filters?

    You can filter your calls using either the VIP list or blocked list.

  • Can I set my calls to go straight to Moneypenny?

    Yes, simply amend your call path accordingly.

  • How do I change my call settings online?

    All your call settings can be managed through the ‘Call settings’ tab on your portal.

  • Where do I go to manage my calls?

    You can manage your call settings via the free Pocket Phone System app, more detailed account changes can be actioned securely online.

  • How do I order a professionally recorded greeting?

    To order a professional greeting, go to the My business greeting section of your portal and select ‘My business greeting’. Simply specify your script and preferred voice, and we will do the rest. Once you are happy with your greeting script, submit your order. It will take up to 1 working day to record your greeting. In the meantime, your Digital Receptionist will use the default greeting.

  • What is speech recognition?

    Speech recognition means that your callers simply say the name of the person or department they wish to speak to and are connected instantly, without the need for a traditional receptionist. There are several reasons why you might want to use it:

    • to put callers through to different people / departments
    • to make your business look bigger and more professional
    • to manage calls in different ways e.g. new business calls to mobile, accounts calls to voicemail

    85% of callers know the name of the person that they want to speak to, let your customers get to the right people quickly, every time.

  • What is a Digital Receptionist?

    Digital Receptionist allows you to route calls using either an auto-attendant e.g. Press 1 for Sales, Press 2 for Accounts, or our gold-standard speech recognition.

  • What if I just want my business calls to ring my mobile?

    No problem. Pocket Phone System makes it easy to set up your business calls to ring anywhere.

  • What is a business greeting?

    A recording which will be played to your callers. Sometimes they precede your Digital Receptionist, other times, they might just play a welcome message to callers. You can choose from the following three options: Moneypenny’s default greeting, which simply plays “Hello and thanks for calling. Please hold whilst we connect you.” Record your own greeting – we encourage you to do this as a bespoke greeting is better for your callers, better for your business. Order a professionally recorded greeting – giving your business an extra professional edge.

  • What is an auto-attendant?

    An auto-attendant puts your callers in control. The caller hears a recorded greeting, and is then asked to select from options that you have set e.g. press 1 for Sales. Some companies use this facility to give their callers the perception of a much bigger company, giving various department options; others use it to filter their calls e.g. sending new business to their mobile and support enquiries to voicemail. When your account is created, by default we will have set up a simple auto-attendant for you. This is fully amendable so you can tailor your Digital Receptionist to suit your every need.

  • How do I direct/route my calls?

    Route your calls to a location that suits you – your mobile, landline, office. Decide who takes your calls if you can’t; a colleague, voicemail, a Moneypenny PA. You can also greet callers with a professional greeting. Your Digital Receptionist will then filter your calls by prompting callers to say or select who they wish to speak to. Your calls will be distributed to the right person or department every time.

  • Can I still have my office phone ring and then send my calls to Moneypenny?

    Yes, if you have a divert number. This is called an ‘Unanswered Calls Divert’. Not all telephone providers offer this so check with them first, if they cannot – call us, we can normally think of a way around it.

  • How do I divert my calls?

    The easiest way to find out how to divert your calls is to contact your telephone provider. Below are the instructions for some of the main providers.

    BT, Sky, 02 and Vodafone
    To divert all calls – To add: *21* (divert number) # To remove: #21# To divert unanswered calls – To add: *61* (divert number) # To remove: #61#

    We recommend that you log on to your online account to activate these diverts or alternatively, contact your provider directly. Should you need advice at any time, please do get in touch on 0345 123 3700.

  • Why do I need to divert my calls?

    You only need to divert your calls to Moneypenny if you choose to continue using your current number. We will provide a number to you and using standard divert facilities, you can easily redirect calls to your current number to Moneypenny.

  • What is Moneypenny Answering?

    Send all or just unanswered calls to Moneypenny PAs. Calls will be answered in your company name, and messages will be forwarded to you immediately by email or text.

  • Why might I want to use a VIP list?

    A VIP list ensures certain callers get straight through to you, such as family members, a business partner or an important client. VIP callers bypass any greeting you have in place and go straight through to you.

  • Can I use my own number?

    Yes and there is no additional cost to do this. We will give you a divert number which you will route calls from your own number to, in order to make Pocket Phone System work.

  • How do I choose which features I want?

    All features within your chosen package are always available to you. You may want to simply route calls to your mobile for starters, and then take advantage of other features when it suits you. You can also upgrade at any time to benefit from features in other packages.

  • Does Pocket Phone System work for mobile and VOIP phone?

    Yes. Pocket Phone System works with any type of phone – mobile, residential line, business line and VOIP.

  • Can I continue to use the number if I stop using Pocket Phone System?

    Yes, you can keep using the number as long as you need to, even if you no longer use Pocket Phone System. We will just charge you the small monthly fee for the number only, starting at £10 per month.

  • Do I choose my number?

    Yes, when you set up, you can select from our library of numbers.

  • Do I get a telephone number with Pocket Phone System?

    Yes, packages include at least one number. You can choose from regional or national numbers. Or opt to pay a little extra for a free phone 0800 number.

  • Does Pocket Phone System work on all phones?

    Yes. Pocket Phone System works with any type of phone – mobile, residential line, business line and VOIP.

  • How many minutes are included in each package?

    Our Run package includes 400 minutes; Sprint includes 600 minutes; and Fly includes 800 minutes. International numbers are not included within these inclusive minutes. Outbound calls made from the app are not included.

  • How much does the service cost?

    We’ve put together three fixed packages, the first of which starts at just £20 per month. Any add-on features you choose have clear fixed costs as well. Call charges for our professional numbers (0800 freephone, 0333 national etc.) vary, but we will make you aware of these before you decide to go ahead. Moneypenny Answering is 3p per second, there is a minimum cost of 30 seconds per call, but only those which exceed 5 seconds are chargeable.

  • What message details will be sent over to me?

    Your Moneypenny PA will capture all of the personal details from a caller: their name, company name, telephone number, a message, and how to get back in touch with them. You can view a log of all messages at any time via your portal and app. You can also choose to receive them via email.

  • How do I manage my account?

    Stay in control of your calls throughout the day via a secure portal and app. Access calls and messages, edit call paths, update account details: everything you need is in one place to amend at a moment’s notice.

  • Am I tied into a long-term contract?

    No, you will be invoiced on a monthly basis. We require only a month’s notice to cancel your subscription from the date of your next invoice.

  • We give you amazing people and technology:


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